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A Car that can be controlled with your Smartphone!!

The Mahindra e20

Mahindra has finally come out with Reva's bigger and tech savvy brother, the e2o. But we're not going to review the car, you can check an automobile site for that. Vee4Soft brings you the techier aspects of this amazing vehicle.

Vehicle status
Besides running purely on electricity, the Reva e2o can be controlled almost entirely through a simple smartphone application!! Ingenious isn't it?
You can start the car, regulate the Air Conditioning, Lock/Unlock it, check the battery status and even plan a trip all with just a tap on your smartphone's screen.

Multimedia Panel with bluetooth
This means that even on a hot day, after leaving your car parked outside, you can activate the AC to keep the car cool so that you won't have to sit in an oven and have yourself baked!! It feels even better when you realize that the e2o is an electric vehicle which doesn't cause any pollution and is super silent, giving you peace of mind even as you drive through the traffic infested streets of India.

Digital Dashboard
The application is very user friendly and requires preliminary registration. After that, your phone is completely synced with the car's onboard electronics, giving you full remote access and control!

The entertainment touch panel serves as a smart device on its own with which you can pair your phone via Bluetooth and play your favorite songs, navigate to your destination and even make phone calls. Thus you won't have to pick up your phone during important calls, minimizing casualties on the road.
Smartphone app to control your vehicleEnough of the pros, now for some cons. You still need to use your packet data(from your cell carrier), which has to be connected all the time so that you can use the app. This might invite increased data charges, and thus bigger bills!! Also, the app works only on the Mahindra e20, so I wouldn't drop my current automobile just for the added functionality.

You CAN NOT drive the car through the application which is a total letdown. Well, you can't expect a Bat Mobile for such a low price, can you?
Nevertheless, the Mahindra e2o is a fresh change in the field of E-vehicles. Despite the cons, you can't deny the fact that what was once a dream has actually been accomplished by Mahindra. With the coming years, you can expect this app to control many more variants of automobiles, but for now, kudos to Mahindra!!


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